How much does it cost for an ESTA Visa

How much does it cost for an ESTA Visa?

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USA ESTA Visa – Background

The ESTA visa, (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) is required when visiting the USA for less than 90 days, without the need to apply for a full visa, as long as you are on holiday or on a business trip. 36 Countries have signed a waiver program with the USA. There are strict rules around the issuing of the USA ESTA Visa.

How much does it cost for an ESTA Visa?

The cost for an ESTA Visa is $14, which is currently £9 or €12, via the ESTA website, the cost will rise if you decide to get your travel agent to apply on your behalf. There are some sights that are stating the cost for an ESTA Visa is between€120 and 140 per application. Always check you are using the official ESTA Visa Website for your application.

If your application is denied, you will be charged $4. The benefit of having the visa once you have applied and paid for it, is that you will be able to return to the USA for two years, which is very useful if you need to make multiple trips to the USA.

What happens if my Visa is Denied, is there an additional cost for an ESTA Visa Appeal?

Your Esta form application is reviewed by the USA border control, if they do not approve your visa, then you need to apply for the B1 Business visa, or the B2 Tourist Visa, there is also a mixed business and tourist visa.

There are various reasons your visa may not be awarded an ESTA Visa.

The B1 and B2 Visas, are applied for directly at the, where you complete the Non-immigrant Visa Application DS-160. It is essential that when applying for the Non-immigrant Visa, that you read the advice carefully, there are many restrictions depending upon which Non-Immigrant Visa you require.

There is an additional cost to applying for the Non-immigrant Visa, the cost is currently $160, €136.18 or £121.39, additional costs could also apply.


The many uses of a chrome wire shelving unit

The many uses of a chrome wire shelving unit

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When a room has enough space, people can move freely with ease. But as we tend to accumulate things over time, the use of cabinets may not be sufficient to hold all our items. Things can clutter about and get in the way of our walking space. Chrome wire shelving has many practical uses to function well for a particular area. This shelving unit can be used as storage space, organizer and display location for almost anything. The shelves blend well with almost any decor and make a great addition for the home, office, dormitories, business establishments and industrial settings.

Chrome Wire Shelving


A standard chrome wire shelving unit comes with four poles and 3 to 5 detachable tiered shelves. Most of the units are equipped with wheels for mobility. The wheels have lock-in feature for stability while in place. The poles are thick enough to hold objects between 200 to 1200 lbs. Chrome wires are less prone to rust and dent. The shiny appearance adds an elegant touch in any environment. A new version has a more modern approach with sets of 6 interlocking storage cubes fastened in plastic snaps.

The Benefits of Chrome Wire Shelves:

  • Chrome wire shelving units are versatile and inexpensive.
  • They are less bulky than traditional furniture shelves.
  • You can easily transport them around and disassemble for future use.
  • Chrome wires do not rust easily and are stronger than any metal alternative.
  • You can use them for a lot of purposes. In a bakery store, for instance, chrome wire shelves serve as storage space for cookie boxes, standard cupcake boxes and cake boards. The shelves can also be used as mannequin heads holders in salons. In manufacturing sites, industrial plastic containers filled with paint, as shown in, can be placed in heavy duty wire shelves.

Chrome Wire Shelving – Extra Storage Space for a Lot of Things

There are endless possibilities in the use of chrome wire shelving. As an addition to home fixtures, it contributes well to the overall organization and arrangement of things. As your family grows, the need for extra storage space is a main concern. Especially with children around, so many knick knacks scatter in just about every corner. Having this shelf mounted in a child’s bedroom will keep her things organized. Arts and craft hobbies for one include many supplies that need proper holders. Kids can have the upper level of the wire shelf mainly for her craft projects and the rest of the layers for her other things.

The convenience of having a 3 compartment sink

The convenience of having a 3 compartment sink

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What really makes a home more functional and convenient for living? Just like how long summer skirts and flannel lined jeans serve both summer and winter clothing respectively, many items in the home bring different purposes for easy living. One item that’s always used in the kitchen is the 3 compartment sink. As its name suggests, this type of sink comes with 3 compartments to make washing, rinsing and sanitizing the dishes done easily.

The sink helps in bringing about cleanliness and safety in the home most especially with the items used with food. It offers the right amount of space in doing the dishes and cleaning them more effectively. While waterproof laminate flooring brings about water resistant floors, 3 compartment sinks provide easy flow of dishwashing in the kitchen that is most suited for large families. Large pots and pans can fit in it as well as plenty of dirty dishes after every meal. Having this type of sink essentially offers a lot of advantages in food preparation and cleaning up afterwards.

The Three Compartment Sink and its Useful Counterparts in the Home

While the three compartment sink is most useful in the kitchen, there are many other items in the home that are also very important. Here are some of the other things that are definitely worth having.

3 Compartment Sink

  • Shower pan liner – This is an absolute essential for bathrooms with showers. The shower pan liner waterproofs the shower area and directs all the water into a drain. It acts like a barrier and prevents water from seeping through and damaging the bathroom flooring. Leaks and water damage are therefore avoided when a shower pan liner is in place. To know more about this indispensable bathroom item, you can visit This website covers a lot of information about shower pan liners including how to install one in your bathroom.
  • Torch down roofing – This is a type of roofing that’s durable and highly impermeable. It is ideal for flat roofs wherein rainwater often settles and cause problems. The material essentially repels water; thus, making this kind of roof perfect for homes situated in areas that experience a lot of rain. When properly installed, torch down roofing can last for 15 years without the need for repairs.

The Different Designs and Versatility of 3 Compartment Sinks

3 compartment sinks come in different styles depending on the brand and manufacturer. While you can buy a red skinny jeans outfit and off the shoulder gowns from boutiques like Forever 21, three compartment sinks can be bought at home stores, outlet stores and shops that sell kitchen equipment. Free standing units are available as well as drop in and corner sinks. Free standing sinks are great for commercial establishments like restaurants, cafes and dance studios. Using 3 compartment sinks for dance schools make it easy to clean their special type of flooring know as the Marley floor. Dance floors need to be cleaned and maintained regularly for the safety and better performance of the dancers.

3 Compartment Sink

Some people feel that a free standing three-compartment sink is not at all pleasing when it comes to aesthetics; hence, they’re mostly used for restaurants and commercial kitchens. You can however turn this around and make three compartment sinks look good by adding wonderful decorations in your kitchen. Get some lovely sayings and have them engraved in beautiful wood plaques. It would be awesome to look at these inspiring words while you’re busy doing the dishes with your three compartment sink.

Three Compartment Sinks are Very Useful Kitchen Equipment

Three compartment sinks are multifunctional and versatile in providing ease and convenience for home and business owners. Work flow is faster, dishes are cleaned well and doing any chore can be done easily. A 3 compartment sink can be used for a wide range of applications. Choose from freestanding, corner and drop in sinks and complete the functionality of your home.

What year was Golf invented

What year was Golf invented?

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Exact date when golf was invented seems lost in history. If we do a research today on its early beginnings, recorded details point to the mid-15th century as the era when the Scots first played golf. The sport was said to have evolved from a family of stick and ball games played in the Middle Ages. The game involves the use of a club which the player swings to hit at a ball. A few more strokes are taken from end to end.

In relation to this finding, King James II of Scotland was also associated with the sport because in 1947, he issued a ban on playing golf and soccer in favor of archery. At that time, golf was deemed as a distraction that kept the archers from continuing with their archery practice. In succession, James III and James IV continue upholding the ban on golf during the year 1471 and 1491 respectively. But still, golf persisted in Scotland for decades and centuries until 1744 when the rules of golf were officially laid out in Edinburgh.

Origin of Golf

Another thing that gives credence to the Scots as having a place in the history of golf is the evidence that points to the origin of the word golf. Terms like gowf, goff, goif, gouffe, gowfe and glove were all traced from written documents in Scotland though these terms were also said to have evolved from the medieval Dutch term “kolf”. This fact is also possibly true because both the Dutch and Scots are trading partners.

The Dutch at that time were already playing a sport somewhat similar to golf with balls struck by curved sticks. The only difference is they were playing the game on ice which can also resemble a hockey game. Whatever the circumstances behind all these, the Scots must have adapted this Dutch game since they created their own version on parkland.

However, all these don’t point to the Dutch as being the inventor of golf game. Golf may actually evolve from the stick and ball games that were played in different parts of Europe. It was the Scots who have made the game famous with all the improvements they contributed to the sport. From its humble beginnings, golf has now become a byword in different places and many have participated in yearly tournaments. We may never know the actual year it came to be but we are certainly glad it existed.

5 tips for choosing a removal company

5 tips for choosing a removal company

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Moving house is a big step, with packing alone often requiring a lot of organization and planning. Once you have got everything boxed up and ready to go however, deciding on a removal company can be daunting, especially if it’s your first move. Luckily, there are a few general steps that can be followed to help you make an informed choice (and make sure that precious china doesn’t get dropped!).

Shop Around

The first and perhaps most obvious step is applicable to most products and services we are considering buying: Shop around. You can often find the best deal for your situation by calling round your local removal companies and getting a quote from each. This way, you can get a good idea of price and services provided without having to commit straight away. Good places to start looking are your local telephone directory and, of course, an internet search, but try and get the quote over the phone if possible, as you can give more specific details of what you require.

Make Sure They Are Trustworthy

While you’re looking for quotes, you’re bound to come across the good old ‘man in a van’ offering his services. While many of these do offer great service for good prices, some may not be so upstanding, and the same can be applied to fully fledged removal companies too. We’ll take a look at one man band removals below, but for companies, a good way to be sure that they are trustworthy is to check them first with the British Association of Removers, and the National Guild of Removers and Stores. If companies are registered with these organizations, you can be fairly sure that they are both reliable and safe.

Ask Your Friends

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and sometimes you can find great deals and services this way. Has one of your friends moved recently? Why not find out who they used, and how they rate the services which they received from the company that they chose? Perhaps you know someone who has a friend that offers man in a van service, and so on. Checking these avenues is always worthwhile, as many of the best ‘man in van’ services are built on a word of mouth reputation. You could even try asking in your favorite café/bar if you know and trust the staff and regulars.

Negotiate, and Be Organized

So, you think you’ve found a company that meets your needs, but perhaps the price is a bit steep. Often, it can make a real difference what time of the year you’re planning to move. Around June for example, there is often a rush in people moving houses, mainly due to the end of the school year and families taking this time to relocate, so services will be more expensive around this time of year. Even the day you choose can be important. The weekends often cost more, as again this is a favorable time for people to move. Instead, consider grabbing a day or two off work in the week and taking advantage of cheaper rates. It never hurts to simply ask the company about which times/days might be cheaper for you.

Trust your Instincts

Finally, trust your intuition! If something doesn’t feel right, don’t take the risk. After all, you are entrusting all your things to whoever you choose to move them, and if you get the impression they aren’t going to handle your things with care, it’s better to try someone somewhere else. Good removal men and companies will always take the time to listen to your needs and act professionally.

Do i need a visa to go to Cambodia

Do i need a visa to go to Cambodia?

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For you to go to Cambodia legally, you will need a valid passport and a Cambodian Visa. You can apply for Cambodian Visa online or visiting the Cambodian embassy. For tourist and business Visa are normally valid for one month prior to the date you stepped on Cambodian soil. It’s required for tourist and business person to obtain their Visa at the airport such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and all other border crossings however Cambodian Visas obtained from the embassy tend to have a longer validity of more than one month.

You only need to make sure that your passport permit is well stamped with Cambodian embassy stamp on arrival enter to Cambodia.

What do I need to obtain Cambodian visa?

  1. If you would like to visit Cambodia, you need to apply for Cambodian Visa all, what you need is to fill the form of which it can be done through on online and wait
  2. You’ll also need to pay the service fee you can pay it through online basis or by use of credit card. After payment, you will receive an email in telling you that your visa is being processed and then they’ll send a Cambodian e-visa to your email within 24hours
  3. You need to print two copies of Cambodia e-visa by checking at the Cambodian checkpoint. It normally takes about 5- 10 minutes to get your visa stamped with Cambodian immigration service’s stamp at the border or airport.
  4. Your complete travel documents will be processed within 72 business hours. Correct your Visa and then carry it to Cambodian immigration department.

What happens when you lose your travel documents?

In case something happens and you lose your Cambodian departure form, you only need contact your country’s immigration officials before you leave the country so that they can fix the problem.

If you lose your Cambodian visa, passport and entry stamp while in Cambodia, you’ll need documents to be replaced but after you’ve been issued with emergency travel document.

What happens if you overstays in Cambodia than your Visa states?

There are heavy fines or detention for those people chooses to not obey the rules as required by Cambodian government. You can also be deported and fined for $10 for every day that you overstay and those who overstay for more than 30 days will be required to pay the fine before you leave Cambodia.

don’t wait to hear about Cambodia obtain your visa and enjoy the amazing features and cultural diversification of Cambodian people.

Easy steps to apply for a visa to Myanmar

Easy steps to apply for a visa to Myanmar

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How do I apply for a visa to Myanmar? – has become a common question for most foreigners. For some, getting a visa to Myanmar can be very frustrating. To others, there’s nothing to it. If you’re a foreign national who wishes to travel to Myanmar, there are two specific requirements you are supposed to possess: A valid passport of your native country and a Myanmar e-Visa.

The e-Visa was initiated in 2011 by the Government of Myanmar as a strategy to bring in more foreign tourists so as to encourage them to make Myanmar their ideal travel destination. It has also put in place a state-of-the-art electronic system so as to process your Myanmar visa electronically at International Airports.

Your Myanmar visa has been made highly accessible without going through the Myanmar Embassy. This system only works at Airports. You can get your visa to Myanmar by following these simple steps:

1. Fill The Online Visa Form

The online visa form is available at the official Ministry of Immigration e-visa website. You are required to fill in all the necessary details in the blank spaces honestly and precisely. You are supposed to fill in your full name, port and date of arrival, passport number, date of birth and most importantly, your nationality. The personal information you fill in should match the information on your passport. E-visas are available to citizens of over 100 countries

2. Verify Your Information and Proceed To Payment

Confirm that the information you have entered is correct before you head on to payment. You are required to pay online for the Government and service fee by your Debit/Credit Card or Paypal account.

3. Get A Letter of Approval After 3 Days

Once you’re done with payment, you will receive an email confirming your transaction and another requesting additional document so as to process your visa. Your e-Visa will be processed and sent to you through email within 3 days after you have sent the required documents. There may be additional fees on top of what you are required to pay.

4. Print Out Your Myanmar eVisa.

Present your e-Visa for stamping at the ports in Myanmar. This will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to have your visa stamped on your passport at the airports by the Myanmar Immigration Officers and voila! You’re good to go.

Your Myanmar eVisa will make it possible for you to gain entry into Myanmar. In addition to this, you will save time and money, thus making your trip easy and stress-free. Try it today. It’s not as complicated as you thought.

Do I need a visa to go to Australia

Do I need a visa to go to Australia?

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Do I need a visa to go to Australia? Is the question many ask. Unless you are a citizen of New Zealand or Australia, you will require a valid Australian visa to enter the country. New Zealand passport holders can apply for a visa upon arrival in the country. All other passport holders must apply for a visa before leaving home. You can request a range of visas, including tourist visas and working occasion visas, at your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate.

Kinds of tourist visa available

There are different kinds of visas accessible to travelers to Australia. The type of visa you ought to apply for relies on upon the length of your stay, your passport and the purpose of your visit.

Electronic Travel Authority visa (sub-class 601)

This visa enables you to visit Australia the same number of times as you need, for up to a year, and stay for three months each visit. This permit is readily available to passport holders from various countries and regions, who live outside Australia. There is no visa application charge for an eTA Australia. However, a $20 service fee applies for online applications as it were.

E Visitor (sub-class 651)

This is a free visa for multiple visits to Australia for tourism or business purposes for up to three months on end inside a 12-month time span. The visa is open to passport owners from various European countries, and it can’t be extended.

Visitor visa (sub-class 600)

The Visitor visa is designed for people who are not eligible for the eVisitor or Electronic Travel Authority visa. This visa enables you to visit Australia, either for tourism or business purposes, for up to three, six or 12 months. The base application expense for this visa ranges from $135 to $340.

Extending your tourist visa

On the off chance that you are as of now in Australia and hold a valid Electronic Travel Authority visa you can develop your stay by applying for another visa, for example, a Visitor visa. An eVisitor can’t be extended.

Study visa

On the off chance that you intend to study in Australia, you should apply for a Student visa (subclass 500). On the off chance that you are the parent, gatekeeper or relative of a student, you can apply for a Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590). On the off chance that you might want to travel to Australia for a visit and here and now study, you might be eligible for a visitor visa. Training and Research visas (subclass 402) are additionally offered for people who need to come to Australia to participate in a structured working environment based training.

The Working Holiday Maker program empowers cultural exchange and nearer ties between a few countries by permitting youthful grown-ups (18 to 30 years old) to have an extended occasion supplemented by here and now employment.

6 ways to create a Customer Service Culture

6 ways to create a Customer Service Culture

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Customer service is paramount to every business that has customers. There’s a huge difference, though, between saying and doing. How do retail stores with a reputation for great customer service create that sort of company culture?

Good customer service starts at the top of every organization, no matter how big or small the business. Company presidents and vice presidents of international retail chains, as well as store owners of mom-and-pop corner stores, must treat their employees with respect and model the behaviors they want to see their customer service representatives displaying toward customers.

Aside from that, there are a few things you can do to encourage a customer service culture in your store:

1. Hire the right employees

A candidate may seem like she would be a great employee, but if she doesn’t fit the customer service profile you have for your customer service representatives, she’s not right for the company. During interviews with job candidates, take note of the candidates’ personalities in addition to their skills and expertise, and remember that your hiring decisions are not just about hiring the most experienced candidates, but the ones who will fit in well at your store.

2. Make sure new employees understand the company culture

Sometimes creating a new company culture is largely about making sure employees know what’s expected of them and what support they can expect. In new employee training, and again in meetings with your current customer service reps, emphasize exactly what good customer service means at your company. Don’t assume the individual knows what you mean when you say “customer service,” as this term can mean totally different things from one person to the next.

3. Allow for mistakes

Everyone falls down when they first learn to ride a bike, and it’s only through the encouragement of more experienced (and patient!) people that they are able to eventually succeed. Encourage employees to share both positive and negative customer service experiences with you, then talk openly and non-judgmentally about what the employee could’ve done differently and what he or she did well. By making your employees feel comfortable sharing their failings with you without fear, you’ll help them evolve into the best customer service representatives they can be — and the company as a whole will gain a reputation for great service as well.

4. Trust your customer service reps

It’s easier said than done, but if you allow yourself to give up some of your power to your customer service representatives to use their own judgment to make decisions in interactions with customers, you may be surprised what results. Employees who feel their supervisors trust them.

It’s easier said than done, but if you allow yourself to give up some of your power to your customer service representatives to use their own judgment to make decisions in interactions with customers, you may be surprised what results. Employees who feel their supervisors trust them make better decisions for the company and care more about the success of the company as a whole than those who feel they are just a tiny cog in a great big wheel.

5. Focus on resolution, not conflicts

Companies that focus on making customers happy rather than navigating conflict are the ones that keep their customers. They’re also the ones that employ happier customer service representatives. When customer service reps are encouraged to do what it takes to resolve conflicts with customers, even customers who come in angry often leave with smiles on their faces and intentions to return.

6. Be appreciative

As a store owner or supervisor, recognize the genuine efforts your employees put into the customer service experience, and recognize that your customers are making a choice by shopping with you. Be appreciative of all of the people who make your company what it is, and you’ll encourage a company culture of appreciation.

Do I need a visa to go to Sri Lanka

Do I need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

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From 1st January 2012 the Government Of Sri Lanka made it mandatory for holiday and business travellers to carry visa. Once your have Sri Lanka Visa is availed you can now travel to all place in Sri Lanka without experiencing any problem.Here are some of tips about requirement in travelling ( ) to Sri Lanka.

Basic Information for Sri Lanka Visa

To apply for a Sri Lanka Visa. applicant must hold a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. It should at least have one blank visa page available for stamp(s).

  • Two latest passports sized coloured photograph of 2 x 2 in length and it should be absolutely clear.
  • Applicant must have a confirmed return airline ticket and sufficient funds to support their stay in Sri Lanka.
  • ETA is valid for 3 months and issued for double entry of up to 30 days per visit. If someone wants to extend the short visit beyond 30 days, it can be done twice for 90 days from the date of arrival in each instance. Application for extension is supposed to be submitted to the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration.
  • ETA can be obtained through the government website or through various other trustworthy online visa service providers.

Once the online ETA form is filled and submitted, the ETA approval is sent via email. These third party websites are quite simple, fast, informative and provide full guidance on ETA. It is always advisable to go through the website’s terms and conditions before filling the form or making any online payment.

  • All Nationalities can apply for an ETA except visitors from Singapore, Seychelles and Maldives.

Crew members of flight from these countries are also exempted. Even the passengers stopping over in Sri Lanka for few hours need not any transit ETA.

  • If someone has applied for business visa then the nature of business has to be specified in the ETA form.

The person should not engage in any employment other than what is mentioned in ETA.

Exempted From ETA

  1. Travellers from Maldives, Seychelles and Singapore are exempted from ETA, even the crew members of the flight are also exempted.
  2. Children under 12 years of age are exempted from ETA processing fee.
  3. If any passenger has a stopover in Sri Lanka and he/she do not plan to leave the airport then transit ETA is not required.
  4. If the applicant has a valid business visa, multiple entry visa or a residence visa then they get an exemption from ETA.
How long does it take to get an ETA Visa to Cambodia

How long does it take to get an ETA Visa to Cambodia?

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Are you in need of an ETA visa to Cambodia? Most people get worried when it comes to obtaining a visa to travel abroad. Most of the countries require their citizens to have a visa to go to Cambodia. This should not be the case while traveling to Cambodia since it’s a fast and an easy task. ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority, a visa that is issued online and printed off by the traveler at home.

The ETA visa to Cambodia dates back in April 2016 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cambodia and the international corporation.

Three steps for applying an ETA visa to Cambodia:

  • The first step is to fill out an application form. This happens by providing the airport of arrival, arrival date, passport number, the transportation method, date of birth and the nationality. The personal information you fill out in the application form should match the personal details on your passport.
  • The second step after completing the application form is paying the service fee as well as the government payment using your credit or debit card. This will, in turn, result in an email sent through your mail to confirm your visa order. The permit is through the email. There are two kinds of fees that one need to pay before acquiring an ETA Visa to Cambodia. The first fee is the ETA visa service fee and the second fee is the Government price.
  • The third and the final step in applying for a visa is printing two copies of the Cambodia ETA visa. You show these print outs at the checkpoint in Cambodia.

Timeline for getting your ETA visa to Cambodia

In urgent situations, the email is received 24 hours after you send the required documents or upon filling out the application form which may cost more than the reasonable prices. Afterward, it takes you 5-10 minutes to get your visa stamped in your passport by the Cambodia Immigration Services Team of officers at the airports at the borders.

ETA visa to Cambodia application process can take up to three working days but can even take up to two weeks a situation which calls for an advanced application of the ETA visa to Cambodia. It is of the essential essence to note that for example, Cambodia visa for us citizens from eligible countries should hold a passport that is valid for six months and the ETA visa issued is valid for three months from the issuance date.

The ETA Visa to Cambodia also guarantees that your personal information is encrypted therefore assuring you of a high level of security. Traveling to Cambodia is now easy and fast with ETA visa.

Make a visit today!

Fees for an Indian eTA visa

Fees for an Indian eTA visa

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Summer is around the corner, we all fell excited and cannot wait till our vacations start, what to see? where to go? A lot of people and I am one of them, want to visit exotic countries. One of the biggest and the most diverse one is India, it has so much to offer, any tourist can afford going there, all is for your pleasure, no matter you are a budget traveler or seek the rest in luxuries hotels, you will enjoy colorful India with its splendor, but we should know how to get e-Visa ( ) and How much does it cost for an e-TA visa India.

What to Do?

Any foreign visitor wishing to visit India should possess a valid passport and an Indian Visa, for tourism e-tourism visa is issued. Even if you are not a visitor or just going to India for a short term stay to meet your friends, or it is for medical purposes e-Tourist visa should accompany you. It is not necessary to send your passport to an Indian embassy, you can do it from your home or workplace, just fill out the online application form and wait for the response.

How to Apply?

Fill out the online application form and provide there the name of the airport you arrive at, full name, passport number is also a must, date of birth and nationality. All information should be real and should be relevant to the data of your passport. Then you have to pay for the e-Visa.
After you pay either online, via PayPal, Credit or debit card, or make a bank transfer to their HSBC account, you will get a confirmation email and an email requesting for your documents necessary for the visa processing. When e-Visa is ready it will be emailed to you in 5 business hours or within 24 hours if you use urgent service and it may charge.

When you get e-Visa via email, print it out and present it in order to be checked when you arrive at the airport of India. It will take only 5 mins or more to get it stamped.

Fees for an Indian ETA Visa

Service fees for Indian e-Visa should be paid in advance. You have to pay a government fee and service fee for the Visa processing and prices vary according to the countries. It is free for most of the island. Japan, Singapore, and Sri Lanka pay 89 EUR, European countries and most of the Asian ones pay 89 EUR and for Mozambique, Russia, Ukraine, the UK and the USA the payment totals 89 EUR.