The best street food I ate in Australia

Australia, mostly known for its multicultural food culture does have some unique food items to offer when it comes to street food. My recent visit to the country proved to be a memorable one especially because of the street food I ate in Australia.

Ten Best Street Food in Australia I had enjoyed my stay in the country:

1. Sausage Sizzle

The most popular street food in Australia consists of a single sausage, margarine, cheese and a white piece of bread with the sauce of one’s choice, mustard, tomato or barbecue. I added some bacon and mushrooms, the fried ones to it for a few extra dollars and it tastes yummy.

2. Australian Meat Pie

This is kind of a national dish enjoyed by all. This extra ordinary dish is made of diced meat and onion and tomato based gravy.

3. Fish n Chips

This famous fast food was tasted on beach side by me. Fresh fish served with crispy potatoes, lemon and salt surely satisfied my hunger pangs on one of the sunny days during my stay in Australia.

4. Souvlaki

This Greek snack is another delicious item to try in Australia. As advised my Australian friend I enjoyed this dish after a few beers. small pieces of grilled meat and vegetables on a skewer turned out to be a delightful meal for that night.

5. Street Barbeque

I tasted a lot of barbecue street foods there starting from chicken wings to prawns. The savory flavor gave ultimate pleasure to my taste buds.

6. Banh mi

The meaning of this Vietnamese term is bread. A Vietnamese sandwich which is made with either chicken or pork and vegetables (pickled). This street food is widely enjoyed as one of the best street foods throughout Australia.

7. Barramundi

A large river fish in Australia is fried enough to make it crispy in order to get the crackling sounds when once bites it. This tasty fish is popular worldwide.

8. Grilled Kangaroo

I thought that this is only referred as the national animal of Australia. But never knew this could be a mouth-watering dish.

9. Chiko Roll

A roll that can be held in one hand. This is a fast food made of onion, carrot, cabbage and beef. This dish has been inspired by the Chinese spring rolls.

10. Indian food in Australia

I was amazed to get the taste of Indian spicy food like kebabs as a street food sold in Australia.

A foodie like me enjoyed every flavor I relished during my stay in Australia. I would highly recommend the above food to anyone visiting the country for the first time.

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