Fees for an Indian eTA visa

Summer is around the corner, we all fell excited and cannot wait till our vacations start, what to see? where to go? A lot of people and I am one of them, want to visit exotic countries. One of the biggest and the most diverse one is India, it has so much to offer, any tourist can afford going there etv-in.com , all is for your pleasure, no matter you are a budget traveler or seek the rest in luxuries hotels, you will enjoy colorful India with its splendor, but we should know how to get e-Visa and How much does it cost for an e-TA visa India. 

What to Do?

Any foreign visitor wishing to visit India should possess a valid passport and an Indian Visa, for tourism e-tourism visa is issued. Even if you are not a visitor or just going to India for a short term stay to meet your friends, or it is for medical purposes e-Tourist visa should accompany you. It is not necessary to send your passport to an Indian embassy, you can do it from your home or workplace, just fill out the online application form and wait for the response.

How to Apply?

Fill out the online application form and provide there the name of the airport you arrive at, full name, passport number is also a must, date of birth and nationality. All information should be real and should be relevant to the data of your passport. Then you have to pay for the e-Visa.

After you pay either online, via PayPal, Credit or debit card, or make a bank transfer to their HSBC account, you will get a confirmation email and an email requesting for your documents necessary for the visa processing. When e-Visa is ready it will be emailed to you in 5 business hours or within 24 hours if you use urgent service and it may charge.

When you get e-Visa via email, print it out and present it in order to be checked when you arrive at the airport of India. It will take only 5 mins or more to get it stamped.

Fees for an Indian ETA Visa

Service fees for Indian e-Visa should be paid in advance. You have to pay a government fee and service fee for the Visa processing and prices vary according to the countries. It is free for most of the island. Japan, Singapore, and Sri Lanka pay 89 EUR, European countries and most of the Asian ones pay 89 EUR and for Mozambique, Russia, Ukraine, the UK and the USA the payment totals 89 EUR.


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