Best places to visit for shopping in Canada

Best places to visit for shopping in Canada

Canada is a beautiful Northern American nation that is known for various admirable reasons such as rich natural resources, warm and friendly people and equally important, good traveling experience. Shopping in Canada is what makes it one of the most popular vacation destinations among the travelers. Besides quality and affordable products or items, it creates a memorable shopping experience that will make any local or tourist plan for a comeback. Below is a list of some of the best places to shop in Canada.  

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

It is located in Toronto and is one of the largest malls in Canada currently placed at number four. Interestingly, it is still under expansion, and the shoppers also get to enjoy free parking spaces as well. It is also a shopping centre where the popular foreign stores have been more comfortable in opening their first stores in the country among them Apple Store, Microsoft, Zara, Tesla among others. Yorkdale is easily accessible via public buses or private vehicles and has several cafes and restaurant for you to enjoy the local or your desirable cuisines.


The stores are massive and easy to spot in any city or locations if you are within the Canada territory. If you happen to bump into Winners store or you are looking for a store with highly affordable designer labels, this is your place. The store avails the designer labels and fashion brands for both men and women at prices which can go up to 60% below the standard market rates.

West Edmonton Mall

It is the largest mall in Canada and was initially the biggest on the planet before it was replaced by Dubai mall in Dubai. It is situated in Edmonton, and it has over 800 stores and also boasts of having the second-largest indoor amusement and water in the world. There is also an indoor lagoon where you can relax after shopping and get an opportunity to see the sea lions providing you with a unique experience while shopping in Canada. Other major attractions include movie theaters, Fantasyland Hotel, Envy nightclub among others.

Square One Shopping Centre

It is number two largest shopping centre in Canada and its situated in Mississauga, Ontario. There are several shops where you can buy various products and items and also has several restaurants where you can have a shopping break. The shopping centre has undergone several renovations which make it unique and outstanding.

ByWard Market

Also known as The Market, it is an excellent open-air market place with a rich history as well. There are numerous vendors which cover four different streets namely ByWard, York, George, and William. You can find almost any item in this market including fashion wears and art collection, and you can also easily negotiate the prices of the items with the vendors.  

Visiting these places while on tour or vacation to Canada will surely give you an exciting and memorable experience while shopping in Canada whether you are alone, with your family, spouse, partner or friends.

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