All the Facts you Need to Know About Applying for a Cambodian eTA Visa

Are you planning to visit Cambodia for vacation or business? If you want to avoid unpleasant experiences and delays during your trip, then you need to read this article to the end.

Foreigners of various nationalities are required to have a visa to enter Cambodia. However, citizens of South East Asia nations do not require visas for them to visit Cambodia. The main reasons that may prompt you to visit Cambodia include; tourism, visiting relatives, or seeking medical treatment. But do you know the process of obtaining a Cambodian Visa is pretty simple as long you possess a valid passport?. This article will offer all the details about the process of applying for Cambodian Visa that you definitely need to know.

What is an Cambodian eTA visa?

This is an online visa application for tourists who intend to visit Cambodia. This is a computer generated visa that will allow foreigners to visit Cambodia. It is a simple and fastest way of obtaining your visa at the comfort of your home or office.

Basic requirements for obtaining a Cambodian Visa

There are several requirements that foreigners are required to have for them to get a Cambodian Visa as discussed below:

  1. You must in possession of a valid passport that will remain valid during the next six months.If you apply for your visa online, you will be required to upload your current photo.
  2. Citizens of South East nations will be exempted for applying for visas when they need to visit Cambodia.
  3. The period stay of a Cambodian Visa varies depending on the nationality of the foreigners. However, the minimum and the the maximum number of days are 14 and 30 days respectively.
  4. How to apply for an online Cambodian e-Visa

Applying for an online Cambodian visa is pretty simple as you will only be required to follow these three steps:

  • Fill an online form by providing the following information; means of transport, the airport you intend to arrive, full names, passport number, your nationality, and date of birth. Remember that all the information you provide here must match the one in your passport.
  • Pay the prescribed government and service fee using either your Visa, Master card and PayPal.After paying you will receive a notification showing that your visa is being processed. The e-visa will processed within 24 hours after making payments.
  • This the last step in applying for an e-visa where you will be required to print 2-3 copies if the e-visa. You will be required to show this e-visa at various checkpoints at the airports.

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